How to download free indicators and EAs from the market

User guide to download free indicators and EAs from the market


Kindly follow these instructions to install  free indicators and EAs from the market in your Metatrader Terminal. Useful if the free download links are not working for you in neither my website or the market. The guide involves finding my tools in the market tab of the platform and installing them from there, without browsing any website.

1) Open Metatrader
2.1) On Metatrader 5 (MT5), click in View -> Toolbox -> Market Tab.
2.2) On Metatrader 4 (MT4), click on View -> Terminal -> Market Tab.

3) Select only “free” from the dropdown menu.

4) Search for “PZ ” in the search box. All my indicators and EAs have the “PZ” prefix.

5) Click on the indicator or EA that you want to download to open the product profile

6) In the product profile, click on “Download” to install it. It might take a few seconds.

Finally, load the EA or indicator to the chart:
7) Click View -> Navigator to open the navigator
8.a) The recently activated EA will be listed in Navigator -> Expert Advisors -> Market.
8.b) The recently activated Indicator will be listed in Navigator -> Indicators -> Market.

Feel free to post your questions below. Thank you.


Author: Arthur Lopez

Private investor and speculator, software engineer and founder of PZ Trading Solutions.

17 thoughts on “How to download free indicators and EAs from the market”

  1. Buongiorno vorrei scaricare l’indicatore Pz oscillator nella piattaforma mt4, non mi è stato possibile effettuare l’operazione in quanto il download è consentito per la piattaforma mt5. Cortesemente potreste aiutarmi? Ina attesa ringrazio per l’attenzione ed auguro buona giornata.

  2. This is a great indicator testing back test was successful…I will like to get your product If the free ones are good then the paid ones will be better.
    How long will the EA last

  3. Your super trend indicator is amazing from my use of it in mt4, both i try to download it from mql5 and your site, i can’t download it on my mt5. Plz can you send it through my email. Thanks

  4. Hello.
    It is not possible to import your PZ MACrossover_EA.mq4 in metatrader 4. I manage to open it by dobbleclick and it was opend in Metaeditor bu it has no code
    I have import the mt5 EA in MT5 but it is not possible to open it in MEtaeditor
    Best regards

  5. Hi Mr.Lopez, thank you for your PZ-MA-Crossover EA.
    I have a few questions please:

    – How do I use the “Breakeven in pips”? And what does it do?
    – What is the “Trailing Steps” in pips for? And what does it do?
    – Does the MT4 platform needs to be open to trade?

    Many thanks!

    1. The trailing stop is expressed as a percentage of the profits of the trade being managed. For example, with a 25% Trailing-Stop value, the actual trailing stop will be 25 pips when the trade is 100 pips in profit, but 250 pips when the trade is 1,000 pips in profit. This allows the profits to run and the trailing-stop remain proportional to the trade profit. You can’t set a trailing stop in pips, but you can set the trailing *step*, which is the minimum increase possible to update the stop-loss. This acts as a filter to send an OrderModify() request to the broker each tick. For instance, if you set a trailing-step of 5 pips, the SL will only be updated if it is to change its value by 5 pips. However, for this to happen, the break-even needs to happen first or be disabled: the robot will move the SL to the open price when the trade is X pips in profit, plus spread. That amount of pips is represented by the break-even parameter. You need your computer turned on 24 hours a day, or rent a VPS.

  6. Buen dia ,estoy oerando desde un año en indices sinteticos, le pregunto si el robot de estocastico funciona en estos activos? gracias

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