How to trade Swing Trading signals with Hedging EA

Learn how to make Hedging EA to start trades using the Swing Trading Indicator, using the Custom Indicator feature of the EA.


Swing Trading Indicator

Hedging EA is a trade manager that will turn your losing trades into winners using an imbalanced hedging strategy. It was designed to manage manual trades, but the EA can also start trades automatically using custom indicators such as Swing Trading.  Let’s see how to set up the EA to do so.

Swing Trading Indicator
This guide assumes that you have Hedging EA and Swing Trading Indicator installed in your Metatrader Terminal. Let’s go ahead and configure the EA to trade using Swing Trading in the tester.

  1. Open the Metatrader Terminal.
  2. Click View -> Strategy Tester to open the tester.
  3. Select Hedging EA from the Expert Advisor’s selection.
    Hedging EA in the tester
  4. Click on [Expert Properties]  to open the EA inputs.
  5. Set the Entry Strategy input to “Custom Indicator”
  6. Set the Custom Indicator Name to “PZ_Swing Trading”, appending your license number in the indicator name. This parameter value must exactly match the indicator name as you have it in the Navigator.
  7. Set the Custom Signal Buffer to 6.
    Swing Trading Inputs for Hedging EA
  8. Click [OK] to close the dialog and [Start] to start the test.
    Input parameters for the test
    Hedging EA with Swing Trading
  9. Click [Open Chart] to make sure trades match the indicator.

All Done! Hedging EA is now starting trades using the custom indicator Swing Trading, which signal buffer is 6 as you can see in the developer’s tab of the product page.

These same instructions can be applied to Averaging EA and Stop/Reverse EA. Both are trade-recovery EAs and can start trades using custom indicators as well, using the same parameters as described above.

Feel free to post your comments or questions below. Thank you!


Author: Arthur Lopez

Private investor and speculator, software engineer and founder of PZ Trading Solutions.

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