Questions about Indicators


Do your indicators work on renko charts?
No, they don’t. My indicators use time[] data and renko charts eliminate time from the chart. The indicator will load and display upon loading, but won’t update information as more renko bars are created. It’ll stay idle.

Do your indicators implements alerts?
Yes, all of them implement alerts of all kinds: visual, email, push and sound alerts.

Can I use your indicators to trade small timeframes such has M1, M5 and M15?
My indicators will load and evaluate on any timeframe. However, no indicator will really help you to trade M1, M5, M15 and other small timeframes, because transaction costs in these timeframes (the sum of spread, commission and slippage) represent already several times the ATR of the chart. So basically you are giving up from 3 to 5 average bars in transaction costs, for each trade. Not good: the cost of trading represents several times the price movement you are trying to capture. Your odds would much better on a french roulette.

The indicator does not work!
Make sure to troubleshoot the situation to narrow down the problem description. Once you have narrowed down the problem and if needed, reach out for support. It’ll greatly help if you could attach the error messages relevant to the problem that needs solving.

The indicator loads blank and displays nothing
Troubleshoot the situation and check for error messages before asking for support: it can be anything from an execution error to an activation error if your moved the indicator file manually across platforms. Scroll the chart to the past: maybe the indicator is working fine and whatever the indicator finds does not happen very often and the last ocurrence is outside of the scope of your current chart zoom.

I get an “invalid license” error!
Kindly note that indicators downloaded from the market can’t be moved manually to other platforms: if you manually move an indicator file from one platform to another,it won’t load in the second platform. Instead, you have to activate it in the new platform. Read my installation guide.

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